Rik van de Westelaken spoke long with AVROTROS

538a9cdef47261ebd08f7a74726dedf9 - Rik van de Westelaken spoke long with AVROTROS

Rik van de Westelaken was already very long in talks with AVROTROS about a transfer. He said that in the Coen and Sander Show on Radio 538. The conversations were at first mainly to EenVandaag, but over time it became clear that Art Rooijakkers would leave. Then came also Who is the Mole? in the picture.

“This kind of things don’t happen from one day to the other, so I was already approached by AVROTROS to come and talk about programs, EenVandaag in particular. So I was already with them chatting, and then it turned out that it looked like that the Art would leave. And then I was also asked if I not the one Who is the Mole? wanted to present. I said Yes, of course! Of course, it is a wonderful program to do. You may travel, you are making a very big adventure, something for a very long time secret. It has everything that fascinates me.”

Of the Westelaken look back on a beautiful time at SBS and Net5, where he Beijing Express presented. “I’ve really had a great adventure to be polite. When I left at the news, I am exited because I wanted something different to do. Because I myself wanted to develop as a presenter, and those opportunities do I have when SBS and I’m just very happy. Because I’m now much better able to a Who is the Mole? to present for AVROTROS, because I Peking Express have done. I am stronger now at EenVandaag, and I could be there for interviews do, because I have my own reportageprogramma have been able to make. So it is all somewhere to have been necessary,” said the presenter.

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