Research into Guy Van Sande completed

84ac129dbf5d2bee8c4f8da21399b069 - Research into Guy Van Sande completed

The investigation into child pornography in the actor, Guy Van Sande (54) is fully completed. The public prosecutor’s office of West-Flanders, department Veurne confirms that the eindvordering in that file is ready. The chambers will now have to make judgments about the reference of the suspects.

In an ongoing investigation into child pornography came to the Veurnse speurders in June 2016 at the suspects from Antwerp, belgium. The facts played themselves into a dubious chat room where child pornography was exchanged. A professor of the University of Antwerp was by the magistrate stopped and sat for a while in pretrial. Guy Van Sande was after hearing under the terms and conditions released. When the hoopla broke loose, took the actor also resigned as alderman for N-VA in Edegem.

The public prosecutor confirms that the investigation of child pornography, meanwhile, is completely finished. “The eindvordering in that matter is ready, but about the content we will be in anticipation of the procedure for the chambers do not communicate,” said attorney Patty T’Jonck. For the moment it is not clear for what are the qualifications of the office Of Sande for the criminal court. Also the number of suspects that it wants TO prosecute, is not known.

The court in Veurne, it would make tomorrow morning about the case bending. By an application for additional examination will be the reference, however, indefinitely postponed.

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