Re renewals for spectacle-musical 40-45!

dab2813298b725752742661683218550 - Re renewals for spectacle-musical 40-45!

It remains particularly hard for the ticket sales of the spectacle-musical 40-45. Today made Studio 100 announced that there are now more than 140,000 tickets have been sold for the spectacle-musical 40-45.
In order to meet the demand for tickets has Studio 100 decided to give the playing period to renew. From today, the tickets will be ordered for performances until 2 december 2018.

Gert Verhulst: “I’m incredibly proud that we have again extensions can announce for 40-45. A half years for the world premiere, the preparations at cruising speed. In addition to a absolutely creative top team, we also have a Flemish cue to build big and surprising names. Add to that some spectacular and ground-breaking technical highlights, and then you know that we our visitors an unforgettable theater experience will deliver!

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