Rapper DMX in the cell due to tax fraud

93de04e51d4603b75ab8da3690b39b65 - Rapper DMX in the cell due to tax fraud

Earl Simmons, the man who, in the hiphopwereld known under the name DMX, behind bars. A judge suggested the tax fraud to the rapper. That writes entertainmentsite TMZ.

DMX would reportedly over one million euros of taxes evaded. For that reason, asked the public prosecutor to five years ‘ imprisonment, but a judge ruled that he ‘only’ one year in the cell and also a fine of 1.8 million it must pay. After his imprisonment he remains for another three years under supervision.

The lawsuit went on a somewhat separate way. As played the lawyer of the rapper a song from him, this is to show how difficult life has been DMX. The court gave, however, and remained with his decision. DMX let openly know his punishment to accept. “I’m too old for the things I’ve done, I’m stupid.”

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