Public flows for The Passion

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The public flow Thursday night for the performance of The Passion in Amsterdam. It is dry and at the beginning of the evening, the sun was shining. According to a spokesperson for the EO, there are approximately 20,000 people expected.

The Amsterdam Bijlmer, this year the decor of the eighth edition of the tv spectacle. It is a prominent part of the celebration of fifty years of Bijlmer. Last year we had about 16,000 people in the rain in Leeuwarden, the witness of the easter story about the last hours of Jesus.

The theme of The Passion this year ‘I see you’, look after each other. The Passion is from 20.35 hours to see at NPO 1, NPO Radio 2 broadcasts from 18.00 hours on the event. Last year, drew the joint broadcast of the EO and the KRO-NCRV, more than 3 million viewers.

Lead roles this year are for Tommie Christiaan in the role of Jesus and Glennis Grace as Mary. Jeangu Macrooy and rapper Brainpower to crawl in the skin of the disciples Judas and Peter.

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