PEC Zwolle says after five seasons contract attacker Nijland on

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Stef Nijland seems to be at the end of the season after five years to leave at PEC Zwolle. The premiere league club has the contract of the 29-year-old striker is formally terminated.

The break between PEC and Nijland is therefore not yet final. The club may at a later stage still, the attacker a new contract offer. In the meantime, Nijland, however, free to if transfervrije player with other clubs to negotiate.

Clubs have expiring contracts of players who they may bid farewell to take for 1 april to cancel. Otherwise, the obligation implied under the same terms and conditions automatically renew.

Nijland was in 2013 by PEC acquired from PSV, that he previously hired to Willem II, NEC and the Australian Brisbane Roar. The striker, who are procarrière in the 2007/2008 season started at FC Groningen, scored twenty times for the Zwolle in 104 matches.


Also, the lease of Queensy Menig is by the club, coach John van ’t schip will be terminated. The attacker is since January hired French FC Nantes and came in eight races yet to score. for PEC.

The 22-year-old Many played between 2015 and 2017 also for PEC, that to him, then hired by Ajax. At Nantes, that immediately after the transfer, a half years at Oldham Athletic where he played no official duel.

More players will have an expiring contract in Zwolle, under whom Youness Mokhtar and Mustafa Saymak. They have interest not to complain and decided to make their commitment at the current number seven of the Premier league not to renew.

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