New Yorkers get free online security

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NEW YORK – The city of New York is its inhabitants free software to give their online to increase security. “As directors it is our job to ensure that people are safe and secure online,” said mayor Bill de Blasio at the presentation of the new platform NYC Secure.

From the summer through the platform is a smartphone app to be downloaded which warns users when something suspicious happens on their phone. Later in the year there will also be a program that helps bring internet traffic over public wi-fi networks more secure. It is the intention to also at regular intervals thereafter, the new security solutions available.

“New Yorkers are not safe online. We can not wait for other governments or the private sector what to do,” said De Blasio.

The announcement of NYC Secure comes a week after the U.s. city of Atlanta was struck by a ransomware attack that is municipal computer systems for days platlegde.

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