New tragedy on arrival in your Family?

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The loyal viewers of Family voices every night faithfully on tv in the hope to learn how the stories go in their favorite soap. There is the past few days and again one and another happened. There is love and romance, but also hate and envy because some of the characters make the serious fur. Especially Amélie and Marie, the last weeks very often in the picture and seem to be the storylines to attract. A while ago it became known that Marie She a secret. Without a doubt, will this storyline even while lasting. Especially now that businessman Wils murdered. Who has him a cup smaller? Is it Marie? Or is it Lars? Everyone suspects everyone and it is now up to the police to this case to search. In Tv Family says actress Lien Van de Kelder had her character, Marie, someone to confide in, and the secret will a confession to make. But not every character will that news and so will the secret even before the tensions, worries. Marie confessed earlier to Lars that her mother is a prostitute and that confession was very emotional for Him. “Because the emotions had to be right,” says Lien in Tv Family. “Purely technically, you can cry, but you have the feeling to convey.” Therein is a Lien to be really successful, and the following weeks will the viewers again with wide eyes to see how Lien Van de Kelder wonderful performances drop. Lien sees Marie and Lars, a couple, but Véronique simply resign? Lien wants to have one to say something about her character. The viewers will soon have a different picture of Marie. “It will be clear that they are still not as good as thought. When Marie opbiechtte that her mother, a prostitute, put that something into motion. But now… this secret is much more serious. The viewers will seriously scare. And I have just the storyline of next season received, it will be very exciting,” laughs Lien.

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