New section in Anyone Famous

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From Friday, march 30, starts at Everyone Famous to the new section ‘The bucketlist’, which parkinsonpatiënt Maarten and his twin brother Thomas and their ultimate dreams would come true.

The Antwerp Maarten (from Lier) is a 38-year-old dad of 2 kids, hedonist pur sang, the half of an identical twin, and… parkinsonpatiënt since the 29th. A terrible disease whereby the nerve cells in the brain, the functioning of the muscles and the controlling of emotions is very difficult. Maartens diagnosis as jongparkinsonpatiënt has a big impact on his life: he had his job as a sales representative and many dreams to give up, and the physical limitations are increasing. But by his amazing family and his twin brother Thomas, he continues to not being down in the dumps.

To their 29th did martin and Thomas all together. They are determined to, as long as it is still possible, together and to pull. Therefore, the inseparable twins a bucketlist with things that she for the first time want to do or that they would like to have a time in their life, and that they finish before the body of Maarten further degenerates.

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