New arrests in Turkey after couppoging

51cf87d7e7dc78a55bdb23d3f3d1738f - New arrests in Turkey after couppoging

ISTANBUL – Turkey continues to people picking up as a result of the failed couppoging in the summer of 2016. This time gave prosecutors warrant for the arrest of seventy army officers. They would have links with the spiritual Fethullah Gulen who, according to Ankara behind the coup.

According to the UN, Turkey has now 160,000 people arrested because of the couppoging. More than 50,000 of the detainees are accused. Furthermore, approximately the same amount of officials the avenue from sent.

Critics blame president Erdogan that he is the failed coup used to take political opponents out of the way to clean up. The head of state says that he is threats of the security of the state addresses.

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