Netflix and Amazon will have next year must invest in Flemish fiction

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All providers of audiovisual content will have next year an investment commitment in Flemish programmes being imposed. Now is that all for Telenet and Proximus, but also new players like Netflix and Amazon will have to pay. Mediaminister Sven Gatz (Open Vld) is working on a decreetswijziging that there for the summer should have.

Distributors like Telenet and Proximus have every year 1,35 euro per subscriber to invest in Flemish fiction. They can do so by specific series or sponsorship by the money in the fund to collapse. Streaming services like Netflix, which is becoming stronger competitors for the distributors, which means that for the time being not to do.

Sven Gatz stated today in the parliament after questions of Wilfried Vandaele (N-VA) and Katia Segers (sp.(a) sails to want to create an obligation for all players. “I have last week in San Francisco, talked to the head of the legal service of Netflix,” says Gatz. “He has confirmed that Netflix is willing to invest in Flemish productions, but wants to be able to determine which productions.”

Asked why there last week, no signatures were put by Netflix, said the minister to give preference to a decretal obligation. “Anyone has in this world his role.” A decreetswijziging for the summer is, according to him, is still feasible. “The goal is to have that text in force as from the next calendar year.”

The minister went today also in on the hoopla surrounding a possible ban on the flushing of advertising. That idea, he explained last week on the table, after which chairman Gwendolyn Rutten sure went. “I don’t think that advertising flushing is a human right”, said Gatz today. A ban is indeed very drastically, he thinks, “but if we on the viability of commercial tv want to guarantee, we must use all possible measures dare to watch, not more and not less”.

Gatz in the coming months to find a solution that is supported by the sector.

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