Natalia gets a beating from Marie Verhulst

fcafd8409a7f52965c3823aa0a48c435 - Natalia gets a beating from Marie Verhulst

Some people call Natalia a beast and somewhere she is also known. The Belgian diva if Thursday night Boxing Stars duel against Marie Verhulst, daughter of Gert Verhulst. Natalia saw the camp and was more than ever win the game. But also Marie Verhulst had come up with the victory to get to go. It was, however, Marie Verhulst, it is not easy because when she started training, she had not been in good condition. The 20 hours of training did her well and just before the match was Marie sharper than ever before. Gert Verhulst saw his daughter as the underdog, and hoped that Natalia Marie would not eats up. “Our Marie is mentally very strong and if they have a purpose, they are also there for that,” responded brother Viktor Verhulst. He himself has not the best memories of Boxing Stars, and he had but one suggestion for Marie: ‘boxing broken’. Marie against a sporty Natalia, that would have been an exciting camp? Both ladies flew there immediately, especially Natalia did this in a rather uncontrolled way, while Marie, a rather intelligent way in the contest was. Natalia made a few technical errors and which may have the deciding factors in the decision of the jury. Both ladies were at each other daring but Marie Verhulst was after the camp is declared the winner.

When the men were there to punch between heavyweights Kamal Kharmach and Erik Goossens. Now, yes, Kamal is more than 100 pounds, he is after his gastric bypass surgery however, back 20 kilos of clothes and that was his condition really to notice. Kamal gave himself completely for he wanted this challenge to a good end. Erik Goossens had the same setting and would go for the victory. Kamal had with his 26 year of his age, but is 6 cm smaller than Erik Goossens, and also 10 pounds heavier. Still impressed that Kamal is no fear in it, on the contrary. Kamal flew there right away in during the camp with Erik and pulled it out firmly. Erik was even a few times completely pushed aside by the bulldozer Kamal. At the end of the second round was decided by the referee at the match halt, Erik Goossens was actually no chance more to win the match.

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