Many of the dead by fire, police station, Venezuela

16a0797f456dada59eb0966510ec64da - Many of the dead by fire, police station, Venezuela

VALENCIA – A fire in a police station in Venezuela has 68 people killed. That, the authorities have announced. There is an investigation started.

Dozens of detainees are thought to be by inhalation of smoke or perished in their cells, reports the BBC. Among the dead are possible, including women and children who were visiting.

The incident took place in the city of Valencia, west of capital Caracas. The fire was caused after the prisoners had revolted and mattresses on fire. The police had to tear gas committed to the family members of the inmates to disperse at the police station had gathered when the news of the fire became known. An agent was in the tumult shot in the leg.

Prisons in the South American country are notorious for geweldsproblemen. They are often overcrowded.

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