Kuipers final scheidsrechterslijst for world cup

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Björn Kuipers flute coming summer final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. The Dutch arbitrator on the 36-member list of arbitrators, that the FIFA Thursday has brought.

It is for Kuipers his fourth and last final tournament, after he was already running at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2012 and 2016 and the world cup of 2014. Just as those tournaments are also his regular assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra selected.

It is no surprise that Kuipers is on the list. “I’m going to assume that I have to go to the world cup go. When I see how satisfied the FIFA at this time, there is no doubt,” said Kuipers in January in an interview with NUsport.

The Oldenzaler has been one of the top international and whistled all the Europa League final (2013), the Confederations Cup final (2013), the Champions League final (2014) and the final battle of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS under 20 (2017). On paper, he seems to have a real chance of making in Russia, the final battle of the world cup to his list of achievements to add up, especially because the Dutch national team has not placed.

Four years ago in Brazil was Kuipers seemed Kuipers in the final, but that was thwarted by Orange that surprisingly to the last four. The FIFA rules require that an arbitrator needs to get home as his country to the quarter-finals to get through.


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