Kuijt will get at the end of may announced afscheidsduel in The Cockpit

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The Feyenoord-public on Sunday 27 may the chance to Dirk Kuijt officially goodbye. On that day the previously announced erewedstrijd for the clubicoon played in The Cockpit.

Kuijt put last year a point behind his career after he with the Club the first title since 1999 had conquered. In the championship swim meet against Heracles Almelo (3-1) he made a hattrick.

“I am honored that there is such a thing of beauty for me is being organised,” says the 37-year-old Katwijker on the club. After his decision to quit was announced Kuijt that there have been a afscheidsduel.

The kick-off of the so-called Dirk Kuijt Testimonial on 27 may take place at 14.00 hours. The 104-fold international, already know the yield of the duel to three charities to give to: the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, the Everton Foundation and Support Casper.


The intention is that the erewedstrijd a lot of old team mates from Kuyt at Feyenoord, Liverpool, FC Utrecht, Fenerbahçe and the Dutch team will be present.

“It seems to me fantastic to be with many people from the past back to the legion to play in The Cockpit. I look very much forward to this day and find it very nice that I get the chance to officially say goodbye to my life as a professional footballer,” says Kuyt.

The last time for a Feyenoord-player a afscheidswedstrjid was organized is already 35 years ago. Willem van Hanegem fell in 1983, that honor turn. In 1972 there was of Coen Moulijn also had to say goodbye with a special duel.

Kuijt played his last game for Feyenoord on may 14, 2017. After his amateurperiode at Quick Boys he came for FC Utrecht, Feyenoord, Liverpool and Fenerbahçe. In the summer of 2015, he returned to the Rotterdam, where he is with the championship crown in his career put.

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