Karolien Debecker following retirement Jan Hautekiet on Radio 1

c92982dc2ded717b4bca926eacb21748 - Karolien Debecker following retirement Jan Hautekiet on Radio 1

Radio producer Jan Hautekiet, who in the beginning of 2019 retire, presents currently the latest season of “Hautekiet” on Radio 1. In that program, the opinions, experiences, knowledge, and expertise of listeners, is central. This autumn will Karolien Debecker, known by Generation M in MNM, a new program in which the listeners also have a decisive role to play. Reports that the public broadcaster in a press release.

“We want to give the listeners a voice,” says Jan Hautekiet. “Sometimes bringing listeners even angles and themes. For example, our own Dictation arise: a listener gets annoyed by spelling mistakes, another thinks nostalgically back to the Big Dictation and we will make it a action, april 6, in the Senate.”

Karolien does on her own way, something gelijksaardigs in Generation M and brings her expertise to Radio 1. She says since her 14th “the greatest fan of Jan Hautekiet” and looks forward to Radio 1 radio and the listeners are also there to provide a platform. “I have, over the past few years, also done with the team of Generation M,” says Debecker. “There is a real community where young people have a voice and each of the themes discussed was.”

Jan Hautkiet and Caroline Debecker will the program “Hautekiet” appropriate to wave goodbye with a series of broadcasts on locations in the week of 4 to 8 June.

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