Johan Derksen wants smoking driver

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Now he is already a year long for Football Inside of the village of Grolloo to Hilversum to drive, he is there, however, what is done with it. With his move to Talpa he grabs his chance: he has a driver enforced.

Johan Derksen

According to the voetbalcommentator is in Hilversum, the best common to a driver, but he had until now denied because the him what patserig seemed. “But if you every time have to drive, often also late in the evening, then you have to do effort to stay awake,” he says in the AD.

Than it is for the well-known sigarenroker important that the driver doesn’t mind a bit of smoke. Earlier he said all agree that he still has four cigarillos wegrookt during a single trip. So: “Yes, I have a smoking driver. But there will be anyway to find out?”.

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