Johan Derksen wants smoking driver at Talpa

50ed267bcd0ac8e592117d4c8b327ad4 - Johan Derksen wants smoking driver at Talpa

If Johan Derksen at his new employer, Talpa starts, he will get a driver who will take him for every recording of his home town of Grolloo (Drenthe, netherlands) to Hilversum drive. Also want Derksen that the driver smokes, because he will be on the road a number of cigar smoke.

According to the AD drove Johan Derksen, until now a minimum of two days per week, 350 miles for the pictures of Football Inside. From the new season, will that program from RTL to Veronica move.

“The driving back and forth went me more and more are starting to resent it,” says Derksen. “It was one of my conditions to move to Talpa. A driver is not unusual in Hilversum, but I wanted that never. Found a little patserig. But if every time you have to drive, often also late in the evening, then you have to do effort to stay awake.”

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