Jesus provides for spectacle

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With The Passion in the Bijlmer was the Thursday night a long wait on a real spectacle. Between impressions of many vooropnames was to Glennis Grace, Mary, the task of the public audience to warm up. But Tommie Christiaan knew things really flame up.

Noraly Beyer started as a narrator to the story of the last days of Jesus. After a long intro, it started swinging, thanks to a stunning gospel choir composed of residents of the district Zuidoost, an increase in the backdrop. Beyer made a rather embarrassing slip of the tongue about Pontius Pilate (Arjan Ederveen). “That his hands washed in scum, eh in innocence.” And that in spite of the teleprompter.

On the stage happened a little in the beginning, the spectators had to keep warm with vooropnames of Jesus, Tommie Christiaan, I see you (the theme of The Passion of this year) sang for Graziëlla Hunsel Rivero, the bloedvloeiende woman. This role was new this year in the Bijbelvertelling, and was played by the singer who was born and raised in the Bijlmer.

Glennis Grace sang live, and that sounded pretty pure on the stage in the vicinity of the ArenA, but the hands were not going to be very hard on each other for the singer. For her second song You are the love, the applause slightly louder, but still not overwhelming.

In between ran Bert van Leeuwen along with the procession. The attendees were under the impression of a woman told me about her two children who she lost during the bijlmer disaster. That has forever a wound, smitten in the close-knit community.

The long wait for Jesus went by, with more vooropnames. Tommie Christiaan put therein his role is already beautiful and convincing down. Really a shame that that didn’t live was on show for the attendees in the Southeast. And rapper Brainpower if Peter was well-chosen, which is also a ‘úrban touch’ happening gave. Jeangu Macrooy in his role of Judas was also finely cast. All he did in the song I live my life by André Hazes for his opponent Christian.

When Jesus, Tommie Christiaan, once the future had arrived, it was really loose in the Bijlmer. With black-and-white by Frank Boeijen, a more familiar song to middle of previous songs sung in the evening. Very impressive, with the live musicians and the choir.

The surprise was: who would Barabbas play. That was on the night itself, published: Ben Saunders was roped in the role of always being put down someone who is discredited. Earlier it was the turn of, among others, Thomas Dekker, and Dave Roelvink. Marco Kroon was asked, but it was so Saunders. Surprised, because that has been discredited and in fact from the picture.

At the climax knew Glennis Grace as Mary was to move, at the departure of her son Jesus, with the number For you of Marco Borsato. A tear musical valve of the singer. Then garnered Noraly Beyers hymn of praise to the Bijlmer also applause. And made Jesus for a wonderful finale on the top of the ArenA. That was all the wait more than worth it.

How in the Bijlmer also happened, on tv are undoubtedly millions of people enjoyed a tightly directed show. It was the eighth edition of The Passion, traditionally on maundy Thursday will be broadcast by the EO and KRO-NCRV.

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