Japanese textbook adapted after rel snacks

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TOKYO – A Japanese publishing company has apologized because a local delicacy from Okinawa in a textbook was compared with radioactive waste. The textbook was approved by experts, but because of the controversy about the comparison still adapted.

Not the tofu out of the story.

The comparison comes from a British writer, his “tofuyo” inside quickly would have geslokt. “My mouth was on fire. It felt like I was a cross between Roquefort and nuclear waste had eaten, but apparently it’s good for you”, wrote the author, according to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. The quote was included in the English book for secondary students.

The description fell badly on the Japanese island, where a local newspaper paid attention to the textbook. “Okinawa’s delicious food has the taste of radioactive waste?”, wrote the newspaper, which concluded that the challenged description to misunderstandings and could lead.

Deep by the dust

The publisher went on deep into the fabric. “We have not sufficiently take into account the inhabitants of the prefecture of Okinawa”, recognized a topmedewerker of Bun-eido Publishing Co. “We feel with people who love tofuyo.”

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