Janice Dickinson is going to testify against Cosby

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Janice Dickinson (63) is one of the five women who are going to testify against Bill Cosby (80), when his trial on 2 april. Cosby by multiple women accused of sexual assault and even rape. This would he a number of them also drugged, before he them abused.

Janice claims that the former star of The Cosby Show her in 1982, has been abused. Cosby would be a pill in a glass of wine thrown in, making the ex-member of the jury of America’s Next Top Model in control of himself lost and became the prey of the actor, that the whole incident denies.

Dickinson, who called himself the world’s very first supermodel calls it, was furious when Dr. Huxtable her accused of lies. According to her, the two out to dinner on the evening of the rape. “When I refused to go to his room, he gave me the most dirty look I have ever seen”, describes Janice the incident in her book No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel.

Lisa Bloom, the lawyer of Janice, as well as her famous client ready to do battle with Cosby: ‘I stand in front of, behind and next to her, in this case. I am proud to represent.”

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