Henry van Loon has regret of bullying

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Comedian and actor Henry van Loon has regrets that he was on the high school classmates has bullied. That, he told me Thursday in an interview on NPO Radio 2.

Henry van Loon

“I was not one of the big bullies, because I was there is always pain when I had done it,” said Van Loon. “It was peer pressure. Of course that is no excuse. Bullying is something that you do out of a kind of powerlessness.”

Van Loon broke recently to the public at large with his role as a concierge Volkert in mega-hit The Luizenmoeder. The second season is soon to be included. “All we should have some calendars to go forth, to combine it with my new tour,” says the comedian. The role of Volkert is him well. “The character is not so easy to gauge. That is something that I also often as a human being to hear, though I find it to be okay actually. If so, I’ll do it, at least not intentionally.”

Also told Of Wages in the interview that he would like more time with Alex van Warmerdam wants to work and that he recently had to cry at the look of the West Side Story. Also let he know that he dj Giel Beelen like another time would like to roasten, after his stunt with Tim Knol. The Veronica-presenter got earlier this week arguing with Tuber when, during a gig in the broadcast van Beelen, suddenly a female stripper on stage appeared.

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