‘Heather Locklear looks at the day-to-day’

c941b1a230d3bf8ce96074a73c175dc8 - 'Heather Locklear looks at the day-to-day'

The actress is sober and follows a treatment.

Heather Locklear does it allegedly take it easy and live “day by day” in the rebuilding of her life after her arrest last month. The former star of Dynasty was arrested for domestic violence.

There are now three charges against her after the police in February to intervene had come after a dispute with her boyfriend Chris Heisser. Heather would be the duty agents have abused and threatened.

After her arrest decided Locklear for a moment to take in a clinic. She is now at home, told a source at Entertainment Tonight. And is also back in Heisser – despite the fact that her family apparently keen was for the relationship to end.

“Heather came out of the rehab clinic and went straight back into the arms of Chris Heisser,” said the insider to the website. “They are like fire and water. They have non-stop arguing. Her family wants to see that she concentrates on her health, and once that goes well, she can begin a new relationship. Now Heather is sober and she is in therapy, she looks at the day-to-day.”

Locklear’s decision to keep her romance with Heisser to breathe new life into, would also have caused problems with her 20-year-old daughter Ava, whose father is the star, the ex-husband of the actress, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi.

“Ava is hurt and angry that her mother steps backwards (by going back to Heisser)”, continued the source. “Ava is trying everything to process, because they have no choice. But that comes with trial and error.”

The lawsuit against Locklear is scheduled on april 13.

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