Han Oldigs and Laus Steenbeeke in spectacular STORK!

dfd8e129570116fe7b417e5d541f4279 - Han Oldigs and Laus Steenbeeke in spectacular STORK!

Musical Award winners Han Oldigs and Laus Steenbeeke play the lead roles in the theatre spectacle STORK! in August in Hengelo. With the performance, the city celebrates the 150th anniversary and the rich history of the family, made the church Thursday known. STORK! is played in a tent at the former Stork terrain in Hengelo.

Han Oldigs, winner of the Musical Award 2017 and also known as the VARA-hit series Unit 13, plays the lead role of founder C. T. Stork. Other roles are reserved for Laus Steenbeeke (winner of the Musical Award 2004), Niels Gooijer (Erik Hazelhoff in “Soldier of Orange”) and Roosmarijn Luyten (The Marathon). They share the stage with a veertigkoppig ensemble of top amateur players and an orchestra of fifty musicians.

The play STORK! is produced by Metropool, Hengelo, Wilminktheater Enschede and Theaterhotel Almelo. “In a breathtaking way that is the local, regional and international history of the region Twente told,” says the producer. “The Stork put the region on the map and provided generations contingent from twente loaf of bread on the shelf.

STORK! is from 20 August to 23 september. The ticket sales is Thursday launched.

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