Gordon and his brother RECONCILE itself

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In the scooterwinkel of brother Johny seems to have everything a cake, and egg between the two brothers. Both had no meaning in interlocutory proceedings and Johny had already clearly intimated that prevent that could be with one simple phone call from Gordon with apologies.

Gordon is overjoyed that he and his brother again terugheeft

Nevertheless, it was sister Mary to take the two together, let Gordon know. Yet he is also himself to repentance come. With a voorschotje on tomorrow, he says on Thursday: “A better good Friday we had our do not need. I have figured out that I wouldn’t want anything more than the band with my brother to restore. That is much better than the court, that we wanted both.”

He crawls then deep into the fabric and offers his apologies. “I hadn’t realized the impact it would have on my brother and sisters not and I think that’s very unfortunate.” However, he continues his mantra to repeat: “Maarreh.. it is just my story and your story is your story.”


The singer hopes that everyone is now happily continue with his life. “For me, it is very important that I have my brother back I just.” Without interlocutory proceedings, but just in time, according to Johny. On april 3, would the summary proceedings take place, in which Johny demanded that the books were withdrawn from the market, a correction came and the photo of the family from the book be removed.

And after the story of Gordon acknowledged, it is again time for the typical jokes. “I wanted the book to buy, it starts to Johny, but I found it much too thick. So I think: there must be something from, and that is successful.” Which Gordon in a dent is and and passer-by quickly of advertising for the infamous biography.


Gordon’s controversial biography came at the end of February, and since then, were not only his relatives, but also many colleagues from the world of showbiz in the book were called with him to the door. Despite, or perhaps because the huge resistance against the stories in the book, it was in no time sold out and began the publisher to print a second.

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