Going chemical test in Belgium’s Got Talent is literally the fog in?

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Is a chemical taste – literally – of the fog in on the stage of Belgium’s Got Talent? Why is suddenly a part of the audience on the shoulders of judges Niels Destadsbader, An Lemmens, Stan Van Samang and Dan Karaty in sleep? And what can the jury expect of a so-called poetryslam? On Friday, march 30, following the surprises each other during the sixth auditieaflevering of Belgium’s Got Talent. The episode last week recorded a whopping 1.212.293 viewers (live+4) for the performances of MC Lily and ‘golden boys’ of the Avant Garde, good for the biggest names market share so far: 56,2% (VVA 18-54, live+4).

Patrick Pickart (46, Wemmel) is a well-known in the world of hypnosis and is not his first tv appearance. Friday, he once again to surprise with a mysterious act. According to him, exists in Flanders, there is still much misunderstanding about his discipline and he wants to change with his participation. Also Patrik and his son Wout of Spelenderwijzer (13 zen 42, Wommelgem) are old friends. Last year, Patrik is also already participating in Belgium’s Got Talent with his spectacular wetenschapsproeven, without success. When he put the head of Stan Van Samang in fire, now does he call on the assistance of An Lemmens. She is responsible for a successful experiment?

Ambience is assured as the cheerful Nora (49, Beringen) her throat open. She can sing, is fixed. On the stage of Belgium’s Got Talent is a talent show: yodeling. She gets the audience and the jury with her to her imaginary mountain hut in Tirol? A very different genre of music is practiced by Refreshed (18-59, Vilvoorde). Their long, red robes of lights all in a corner of the veil: the group sings gospel, polyphonic religious music. Their usual stage is the church on Sunday morning, but swap them for Belgium’s Got Talent love in the theater.

“Fool! Stop it!”, that is the only thing An Lemmens can give when looking to Get Insane (17-28, Aarschot). The group has its name not stolen: the four men practicing insane stunts on their BMX’s, skateboards and pocketbikes. That there is also a woman in the middle of the stage is set, the judges really on the edge of their seats… Also Tascha and Ian (19, Tree) make for exciting and relaxing moments. The two got to know each other during a sporthuldiging and have since been a couple. Although Ian mostly busy with jiu jitsu and karate, he started a few months ago with acrobatics, together with his nimble friend to dance. Their numerous lifts and mind-blowing jumps require that the two lovebirds to each other for 100 percent have to rely…

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