Giel Beelen: ’RTL ashamed fixed broken’

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Giel Beelen suspect that RTL is broken, ashamed now of the successful Football Inside-trio by Talpa is poached with an interesting offer. He said that in conversation with Wilfred Genee on radio Veronica.

Giel Beelen

“Oh, what will they have broken, ashamed at RTL say. Oei, oei, oei. Yes, I know that”, responded to the radio dj. Mother continues: “Let us not dance on the grave, but RTL7, they can now just as well lifting?”.

It is a question of where Genee’t want to answer. “It’s not up to me to judge. It is true that we have a prominent place on the station.” The departure was, according to him, is not necessary, as RTL but more to its ambitions to meet had come. “My ambition is to be the journalistic with lots of interviews, portraits and one-on-one interviews.

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