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Gatz about 2.313 sought after works of art: ‘all of Which find is an enormous amount of work’

Of 2.313 works of art out of his inventory know the Flemish government is not where they are. “It is an old sore’, is the response the Flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD) in ‘The Morning’ on Radio 1. ‘It will take years before we all found.”

Of the more than 18,000 works of art in the possession of the Flemish government, there are 2.313 whose whereabouts are not known. On the list that The Standard could refer to it, there are works that would not look out of place in a museum.

“As the Flemish government, we are trying everything to follow myself, but in this case, the inaccuracies and sloppiness happened after the various state reforms,” says Gatz.

According to the minister, have the gaps themselves for dozens of years piled up. ‘Everything found in a work of long breath. Probably most of the work in Belgian federal institutions, ministries, or in the Royal Museum for Fine Arts in Brussels.’

‘Not lost’

The department of culture has been around since 2011 in search of the works of art, emphasizes Gatz. “We all work recovered, but it will still take years before everything is back in place. This is a grows cooked situation of decades, I can not set the timing when everything will be resolved. I can not say how much money exactly, but it could be about millions.”

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