French ex-president Sarkozy again indicted for corruption

Nicolas Sarkozy is, for the second time in a short time by a French court accused of corruption. He would tried to have secret information los to make to the Court of Cassation.

The matter came to light when the phone calls of the French ex-president were bugged in a different research, namely, that to possible illegal financing of its election campaign by the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In that study, it was Sarkozy last week, officially on suspicion of passive corruption.

From the phone tapping of that research shows in the opinion of the officers that Sarkozy, in 2014, has tried secret information los to make to the Court of Cassation in a case in which he also played a role.

Sarkozy would have tried to influence an investigation into Liliane Bettencourt, the multi-billionaire heiress of the group L’oréal, which Sarkozy millions of dollars have supported.

‘Sufficient evidence’

In the new indictment suggests the French public prosecutor’s office that there was ‘sufficient evidence’ to present to the former president and his lawyer again for the right to drag.

In addition to Sarkozy to be his lawyer Thierry Herzog and a former senior judge of the Court of Cassation to the court referred to a specialist.

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