Former Disneysterretje annexed by press team of the White House

c160ecf72e5b96e84a11ec46b312d38d - Former Disneysterretje annexed by press team of the White House

Caroline Sunshine, the actress who was active on Disney Channel, and among others, played a part in the Disneyreeks ‘Shake it up’, is persassistente of Donald Trump in the White House. She was already working as an intern, reporting several American media.

The 22-year-old Sunshine is already several years, active on the political scene. So, she worked as an intern for the Republican Party in California and for the then leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. In 2010, the year of her breakthrough on Disney Channel as one of the hoofdrolspeelsters in the sitcom ‘Shake It Up’, she participated in the film ‘Marmaduke’.

Trump attracts more and more the card of tv personalities to positions in the White House to fill in. This month, he appointed Larry Kudlow, a former financial analyst of tv network CNBC, head of economy and John Bolton, former analyst of tv channel Fox News, his national security adviser.

Yet a well-known tv-face was, until recently, worked in the White House: Omarosa Manigault Newman took part in ‘The Apprentice’, the former reality show of Trump, and ‘Big Brother’ and worked until her resignation last month in the PR-department of the White House.

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