FC Groningen shouts, spits on the mat after show genitals

6e9514f7a844094904736b1d4c1449dc - FC Groningen shouts, spits on the mat after show genitals

Lars Veldwijk will remain the thoughts of those involved at FC Groningen. Director Hans Nijland is to put it mildly ‘not amused’ about the way in which the exiled striker again this week came in the news.

Lars Veldwijk

Veldwijk was in the weekly vlog of his girlfriend Monica Geuze in the car, and pulled his genitals out of his pants. The video of the Geuze was the first uncensored online, but not much later, removed.


“I cannot very clear about this, I find it totally worthless how Lars Veldwijk this week in the news has come”, says Nijland across the daily Newspaper of the North. “We have him on his behaviour approached and indicated that we are this very annoying. And then the a thousand times that this in privétijd play, but also outside of the field are you a professional player of FC Groningen, who we are, this behaviour is not expected.”

Veldwijk was in February, reverted to its promises, after he during the home match against ADO Den Haag, according to his trainer Ernest Faber refused to fall. Also got the since last summer in Groningen active attacker once the headlines after alleged death threats from team-mate Mimoun Mahi to his address. The Moroccan attacker denied that strongly.


“It is annoying and such a waste that this happens”, says Nijland. “Around him you want to rest, because I think that if you’re a professional footballer, a role model. I am, perhaps, of the old stamp, but I don’t have anything to do with those vlogs. It is extremely unwise that Veldwijk there in this way appears.”

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