Family of eight with the ’famous’ boy runs from cliff

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MENDOCINO – A family with six children is in the American state of California of a cliff, driven and came after a fall of some thirty feet in the ocean. According to CNN, the police will assume that all the occupants were killed, though the bodies of three children have not yet been unearthed.

The boy on the right would according to CNN, have gone missing.

According to the news channel is one of the occupants Devonte (15). He became famous when a photo of him, taken during a Ferguson protest in Portland, viral went. On the picture he gives an agent a hug.

The SUV, with two women and their six children aged between nineteen and twelve years old, drove to the cliff along the coast in Mendocino County, north of San Francisco. A passer-by saw the car a few hours later lying in the water. According to the sheriff wore the occupants no seat-belt.

How the car of the road is affected is not known. Also, there are no burns found. The sheriff, however, know no reason to have a deliberate action to go. He keeps a small hope that the three missing children still end up not in the car sat.

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