Elton John at the wedding Harry and Meghan

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The zeshonerd invitations for the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle are out the door, but there was no card for Sir Elton John.

“We have not been invited,” says the singer, who was good friends with Harry’s mother, princess Diana, and at her funeral, sang on BBC radio. But even if he is not the attendee belongs to, he can still meefeesten.

“I live on a hill, so I only need to roll down,” said the Candle in The Wind singer. He refers to the location of his home in Windsor, near St. George’s Chapel. In that church on may 19, the start of the ceremony plate. “It is on rolafstand”, jokes John.

As is asked of him or he will be performing on the decided trouwreceptie of Harry and Meghan, Elton the not refrain from a sneer to create in the direction of Spice Girl Mel Brown. They said in February that the Spice Girls will be performing on the marriage. “Oh, probably, along with Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, he joked. “I mean, the Spice Girls, no one goes to them from the stage hit, right? They are just great.”

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