Dutch series about lesbian twenties at festival in France

b344b67429c7bf79c913f5e45f5cb019 - Dutch series about lesbian twenties at festival in France

The Dutch drama series ANNE+, about the love life of a lesbian twenties, Anne, has been selected for the shortform competition of the international festival Series Mania in Lille.

Here will be the first episodes of the series at the end of april is also their world premiere experience, made producer MillStreet Films Thursday known. In ANNE+ think Anne returned to her loves of the past four years as a student in Amsterdam. The main role is played by Hanna van Vliet, who previously was in musicals as Fiddler on the Roof and The Twins and the film Oh Baby.

The young artists developed the idea for the series, because of the lack of representation of lesbian girls in the media. “In a lot of existing movies and series is a lesbian are still presented as part of a problem,” says screenwriter Maud Wiemeijer. “Often enough, about a coming out or about a forbidden love. With ANNE+ we want to be a lesbian are normalizing and positive content where girls at girls fall in can recognize and see that it is okay.”

’Desperately needed’

Director Valerie Bisscheroux wanted to say that often to the movies and series in which they themselves presented felt. “Content that we could show that homosexuality is normal and that sexual orientation is not a storyline have to determine. Nuanced and non-stereotyperend. Motive for the making of ANNE+ is for young people anywhere in the world, the images that we in our teens so desperately needed.”

ANNE+ consists of six episodes. It is not yet known when and how the series in the Netherlands will be shown.

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