Daily fog ’understanding Bijbelvisie LGBT’

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Editor-in-chief Steef de Bruijn of the Reformatorisch Dagblad is the campaign of Suitsupply with zoenende men “shocking.” That, he suggests Thursday in a lead editorial comments, in which he recounts the commotion around a petition against the zoenende men that the newspaper Monday spread.

The Reformatorisch Dagblad that to 40,000 flyers of the action group Civitas Christiana with the campaign Family in Danger has spread, it has for a lot of fuss is made.

The flyer was an initiative of the organisation Civitas Christiana. “Very brave that Civitas Christiana stands up for the marriage and the downpour of ridicule and regenboogconfetti on him coming late,” says De Bruijn. At the same time, emphasizes the editor-in-chief that the campaign reacts against the behavior of the tongzoenende men. “Not because of the men themselves, but because of their behavior. If there is confusion about can occur, you must wonder whether this message is in the good form.”

De Bruijn thinks that Jesus ‘ marriage would defend as a commitment between a man and a woman, and so would speak up against gay marriage.

Stone throw

“As He did against divorce, infidelity, adultery, unmarried cohabitation, and against all other sins. And as He in this time would do against pornography and child abuse.” But in addition to put Jesus to sinners, adds De Bruijn them. “When there is an adulterous woman brought before Him was, caught in the act, He pointed first to the ecclesiastical elite: who of you is without sin, cast first stone at her.”

The Brown is in the commotion around the petition especially touched by the “total lack of understanding for Biblical views on marriage and family.” Even minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Emancipation condemned the newspaper.

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