Brother Gordon put in the interlocutory proceedings does not by

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Gordon’s brother is a proposed interlocutory proceedings. Johny Heuckeroth demanded that the biography of Gordon is withdrawn from the market.

Gordon’s oldest sister, Marja has her brothers to each other and they are together come out. That tells the presenter of RTL Boulevard.

“The book has a lot of dust and I’ve actually not realized that the amount of impact it would have, also for the rest of my brothers and sisters, and that I never meant,” he declares. “I am happy that I have my brother back.”

Brother Johny, that the book rather “a great fantasy serialized” called, responds sympathetically. “Without interlocutory proceedings”, he adds.


The book tells Gordon that he suspects that not only he, but also his brother and sisters in their childhood have been abused. Johny advocated, especially about the passages about his parents, who according to him are not correct and are offensive.

Earlier it was announced that Gordon some passages in his book at the request of his sister Lydia adjusts and left a radio and television producer Erik de Zwart know Gordon asked to have a passage from his book to rectify it. It says that The Black in the late eighties affected the outcome of the program Sterrenjacht. Also that part of the biography is adjusted.


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