Brainpower remains to Passions ’rap-ambassador’

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Now hip-hop a place has been conquered in The Passion is the thing that there is each year a rapper working on the paasevenement of EO and KRO-NCRV. That will at least Gert-Jan Mulder, better known as Brainpower, that Thursday evening as the disciple Peter, the first raps to make them audible.

He finds it “a huge honor” that history be recognized as the first rapper in The Passion. “I take it very seriously. I am very grateful that I am the first. As a professional, and lover of the genre, I find it very nice that we all now that get recognition.” He sees that the rap music “still at many places not yet fully accepted.” “Now you see that after so many years, finally a large entity as The Passion also says: we have hip-hop in it process. I hope that each year just a good rapper in will sit in the future.”

According to Brainpower is hip-hop now is a must for a big event like The Passion, the agony of Jesus tells at the hand of Dutch-language pop songs. “I think that producer Jacco Doornbos also progressive in its approach. I find the only good, and there are also big plans for the future so I guess people indeed can’t talk about.” For the 43-year-old rapper is, however, important that hip-hop on “is a good way put. With love for the profession and with a passion for everyone, because it is The Passion.”


Brainpower is not going in one edition of the paasevenement to keep. He wants hard for hip-hop in The Passion. “I find that particularly interesting. I think it’s great to give others a springboard to give or to help. And I do have a nice network at home and abroad, so I would definitely, anything I can do for The Passion, here or in other countries, what do you want to add to the story behind the scenes.” The rapper, who has spent years of time turns, sees itself as a bridge builder. “If you are longer in the box, you’ll also discover that it is going to make things pass on and share, that’s it. All that knowledge and passion you have to share.”

For the debut of rap in The Passion chose Brainpower is not the easiest way. He wrote new raps and edited texts of some well-known pop songs. That is also new to the event. “I have to make it very difficult for myself,” laughs Brainpower, who in interviews have repeatedly said so much to have rehearsed. “But I found it very nice that Eric van Tijn at all supporter of the idea that you simply new texts should add,” he says about the musical director of the spectacle.


Brainpower was not about a night of ice cream. Before he with the texts on the battle went, he brought the liedschrijvers on the height. He sought contact with John Ewbank, author of Marco Borsato’s Dream, dare, do and share. “Ewbank liked it very much. It is so cool. I have contacted the songwriters of those songs and asked: we are going to have a operation to do, are you okay? I am the first that his own text may add, so I only feel honored.”

Although he now enjoys the interest, thinks He is not on a comeback. “I am for my feeling never been away. I am, after twelve years with tremendous success here in the Netherlands to other countries went. I am not aware of a comeback, but understand that people that. The Passion just came on my path, but it was all very tasty. I don’t see it as a promotional re-introduction, but that may be the unsolicited of course, and that is just beautiful. As long as I have but with my passion, I’m busy, with my job, then I’m happy.”

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