Bomb explodes on Temptation Island

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The oh so faithful canine Tim has the verkorven with his girlfriend Deborah. Or should we ex-girlfriend to write? After Kevin for Chloe succumbed, changed Tim, Deborah, for Cherish. Who after that broadcast of Thursday think, the friendship of Tim with Cherish not more than an innocent flirt, is wrong. At least, for Tim, it feels really, and he thinks even a marriage to Cherish. But whether the feelings of Cherish for Tim really are, or are part of the game, that is still not clear.

Thursday was in Temptation Island to see Cherish at Tim stayed in the resort. Tim is in the clouds. “We have a private house, but no sex”, responded Cherish the good news. In the other resort were the women less fun news because there would be a campfire to follow, in the meantime already the fourth. And that campfire is there because there is still, however, things have happened that the women really had to see. And a bad sign on the wall, especially for Deborah. She was instantly down, as if they felt that they are the victim of service would be. A whole day pepte they themselves courage by reminding themselves that last season, but one of buttock had been. And yet it was Deborah prepared for the worst.

Megan and Kevin could feel free to the island council, because they have in their head is already a point behind their relationship. Jeremy tries the verleidsters on the resort to escape and that trusts his partner Vanessa. Jeremy has not the least need to go to this kind of things to look at and get of Rick Brandsteder the board to get a little looser, and the temptation to give a chance.

Mezdi gets a slap in his face because his girlfriend Daniëlle on coloring Fabrizio uithuilt about how they are the images of Mezdi interprets. But the fact that Fabrizio effectively managed is to have a tattoo when Danielle put it, it is for Mezdi may be enough to get the towel into the ring to throw. What Mezdi don’t know is that Danielle in her head already with him has broken. The fact that Mezdi even says his name at the head of Fabrizio goes to tattoo, Danielle total of nothing. Going Mezdi, however, that the tattoo is fake.

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