’Angelina Jolie is not interested in dating’

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Although there for a while, rumors rondgingen that Angelina Jolie the “very cosy” with a broker, claims E! News that the actress is anything but looking for a new man in her life after the divorce from Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie

“No, she is absolutely not dating,” says an insider. “The children are her priority and after that comes actually a very long time nothing. They put themselves in last place after them, so a new man is not an issue. It has, however, a number of business meetings with men, but romance was definitely not the case.”

The children of Brad and Angelina appeared in the last months several times with their mother on the red carpet at various events. According to the insider, things are going well with them after the divorce. “They see Brad regularly, which is a bezoekschema has been drawn up with Angelina. Ideal is different of course, but as long as everyone abide by the schedule keeps going well, and the rest has returned.”

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