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Again a storm(pje) at the Beaufort

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The most recent edition of Beaufort has not yet opened, or there has been commotion about the art that is displayed. A local artist says that the work is ‘Beach Castle’ by Jean-François Fourtou in Knokke plagiarism is.

For its sixth edition sets Beaufort, the triennial free art trail along the Belgian coast, from tomorrow, nineteen works of art in nine kunstgemeenten for. A of that work is already under …

For its sixth edition sets Beaufort, the triennial free art trail along the Belgian coast, from tomorrow, nineteen works of art in nine kunstgemeenten for. A of that work is already under fire: the work of art, Beach, Castle of Jean-François Fourtou at the Maurice Lippensplein in Knokke. The work proposes a tower of cabins for that by a storm is the height in the side.

Gerald Muylle, a local artist, claims that the Beach Castle is a copy of a work that he is already in 2016. The work of Count sets a tower of badkarren for and was exhibited in the art gallery’D Haudrecy on the zeedijk in Knokke-Heist. Gerald Muylle was not reachable for comment. In The Newspaper , he indicated that he recognised would be if the original creator of the artwork. “Or there financial compensation involved, we will see later, however,” said Muylle.

Organizer Westtoer is bored with the accusation of plagiarism. “We have legal advice sought and hope that the matter as quickly as possible is resolved,” says Liesbeth by professor billiet, regional manager coast at Westtoer. ‘Jean-François Fourtou denied categorically that he ever in contact would come with the work of mr. Muylle. How could it be? He is a French artist who was in Marrakech lives and the work of art of which mr. Muylle claims that it was copied, is nowhere online to be found.’

Calculation errors and lawsuits

Art in the public space does, however, often created a buzz of attention: the interests of cities, towns, audience, artists and curators dare ever to collide. But in Beaufort, there are the past years anyway what stormpjes – in a glass of water, passed the revue.

For example, there was in De Panne during Beaufort 04 fuss about a mistake in Boundaries or infinity of the Maltese artist Norbert Francis Attard. The concrete sculpture mentions the Fibonacci sequence, a sequence of numbers where each subsequent number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. A math professor discovered that Attard the numbers 1.597 and eur 2,584 incorrectly added up. The mayor of De Panne demanded, therefore, that the artist telfout would straighten out. Attard refused for substantive reasons: his work was about perfection and the telfout gave striking defense.

Six years after Beaufort was first proposed, there is about Rock Strangers by Arne Quinze is still controversy. The bright red metal blocks on the Ostend zeedijk (which just by their price tag of 484.000 euro a lot of Oostendenaren did curses) proved last year already damaged, after a renovation of 120,000 euros. The work of Quinze has suffered under the salt, sand, and crashing go-carts. And then there was a complaint from a family who thought that the red blocks the view of their apartment were hindering. The judge ruled in February last year that the work was allowed to stay. The family thereupon left Ostend. ‘So ends our ordeal, but not that of the Oostendenaars’, showed the family what bitsig recorded in the Newspaper of West Flanders.


But never was the criticism so loudly and en masse as during the previous edition in 2015: participating coastal municipalities were then to shout that they have no value for their money. The art was, according to them, hard, experimental, and in some cases even dangerous for life and limb. So walked in The Haan kids cuts on for an installation of mussel shells. The municipality of Knokke-Heist and is he even a work of art with a barbed-wire fence on the dyke for safety reasons, remove.

The commotion there was in that year also in Bredene. The mayor felt that the work of art of the Korean Cho Taïk-Ho looked like some washed-up branches that children had sought. In Blankenberge was the dissatisfaction with the organization so large that the town decided not to take part in Beaufort: this summer, Blankenberge is a private art project with Nick Ervinck.

After the rampeditie of 2015 chose Heidi Ballet, curator of Beaufort 2018, for a different approach, with more involvement of the municipalities and a focus on accessible and monumental works. Everyone’s happy, you might think. Everyone except Gerald Advanced to than.

• Beaufort 18 runs from 30 march to 30 september in 9 coastal municipalities.

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