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19-year-old American ontwikkelingsrijder at the Haas F1 team

Santino Ferrucci, a Us-based talent, will also this year ontwikkelingsrijder at the Haas F1 team.

Ferrucci came last year, two times in action with the F1 racing car of the Haas F1 team and the American renstal reserves also this year the American if ontwikkelingsrijder. The American will undoubtedly be dreaming of a possible racezitje with Haas in the future, then the American renstal in the past have been understood to mean that the appointment of an American rider is not top priority.

The still only 19-year-old Ferrucci this year will be racezitje in the Formula 2 combined with the role of ontwikkelingsrijder at the Haas F1 team.

“I’ve already said when I the first time at the Haas F1 team came. It is my ultimate goal F1-to be a pilot and to as American racepiloot part of an American team, I would be very, very proud,” says Ferrucci.

“My time at the Haas F1 team was a very good preparation for my first full season in the Formula 2 at Trident. With these two teams I find that I am in the best position possible is my ultimate goal to achieve: the Formula 1.”

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