Violinist wins lawsuit: hearing damage from noise orchestra

b6d4b2ee1282c09c7f0e178e3436c552 - Violinist wins lawsuit: hearing damage from noise orchestra

LONDON – A violinist of the Royal Opera House, Chris Goldscheider, due to the fault of the orchestra irreparable damage to his hearing suffered. This has an English court of appeal determined. The court gives Goldscheider equal in his complaint which, according to the BBC, can have important consequences for other musicians with loud music to work.

The Royal Opera House.

The violinist Goldscheider sat 1 september 2012 in the orchestra just before the blazers with a dress rehearsal for the opera That Valkyrie by Richard Wagner (1813-1883). During the implementation there were geluidssterkten of more than 130 decibels. That is about the same noise as what an engine of a jet aircraft. Goldscheider states that he was “acoustic shock” has occurred.

The court concluded that the hearing loss of the violinist indeed, through the musical performance is caused. Goldscheider says that since then, many simply sound for him is unbearable, and that he suffered from vertigo. About any compensation follows a separate procedure.

The Royal Opera House, has in a declaration with surprise and disappointment at the verdict, responded. According to the defendants, the violinist, a condition that is not necessarily caused by the sound during the performance.

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