Tyra Banks confesses nose job

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Tyra Banks has in the beginning of her career as a cosmetic surgery on her nose to run. She writes in her book Perfect is Boring.

“There were bones in my nose but continued to grow and itch,” writes the 44-year-old former supermodel. “I could still breathe, but I was cosmetic surgery. I admit it! I have nephaar and I did my nose. I feel the responsibility to tell the truth.”

“Natural beauty is unfair,” says Tyra in an interview with People about her book. They are referring to the trend IWokeUpLikeThis, where women take pictures of themselves just after waking up and without make-up on social media sites. “I feel uncomfortable when women who have this natural beauty, others judge that something itself.”

Nothing wrong with make-up

The former model has not much to do with the no makeup trend. “There we lay too much emphasis on it,” she says. “As a model, I had make-up needed. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It made my playing field.”

“Gisele, you not need it? I like that! And we have both been to Victoria’s Secret work”, responds Tyra on fellow model Gisele Bündchen, who is a selfie shared which they have no make-up wore.

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