Trump: “Kim Jong-un looks forward to meeting with me.”

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WASHINGTON – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks forward to a meeting with Donald Trump. The American president, through Twitter know that he that of the Chinese president Xi Jingping has learned.

Trump mentioned that the sanctions against North Korea for the time being in force.

Kim Jong-un was the last day in the Chinese capital Beijing for a meeting with Xi Jingping.

The White House has already let you know that president Trump Tuesday by China informed about the visit of Kim. We understand from these developments that our campaign of maximum pressure the right atmosphere creates for a dialogue with North Korea”, was the statement from the White House.

The tensions between North Korea and the United States walked the past few months by raketproeven and the nuclear program of the regime in North Korea. So called Trump Kim as ’little rocket man’ and called Kim Trump ’disturbed’. Since the winter Olympics in South Korea seem to be the relations to thaw. So, there is more to diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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