Top goalscorer first division finds the suspension misplaced

e9a883486e9f02aa3e6e1d6fa77a44be - Top goalscorer first division finds the suspension misplaced

Mart Lieder, the top scorer in the first division, is the unjustified and misplaced that FC Eindhoven has been suspended for the game Friday night with NEC. According to the club, he is for disciplinary reasons will be suspended.

Mart Lieder

Lieder is not agree: “I have Monday to get treatment for an injury to my own physical therapist, in consultation with the medical staff of the club. This happens more often. I missed this training. All of course, with the goal to make it as quickly as possible and be fit”, let him know in a statement.

“The trainer has understood that I have him crossed in the communication and has me suspended,” continued Lieder. He calls the sanctions unfair and misplaced. “I am aware of no evil.”

“If you as a trainer things else wants, you talk about it as adults. It is the world to me and you go together again. In the interest of Eindhoven, but the trainer has a different opinion about this. I unfortunately have to accept.”

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