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Tia Hellebaut and Tomas Van Den Spiegel basketten for Special Olympics Belgium

1b85fa75e13ae6ecc53206d847243a4a - Tia Hellebaut and Tomas Van Den Spiegel basketten for Special Olympics Belgium

Wednesday launched Special Olympics Belgium (SOB), the Belgian olympic organization for athletes with an intellectual disability, his new Dare To Sponsor campaign with a basketball game between SEN-athletes and several (ex-)athletes in the hall of the Carrefour in Auderghem. “We hope the public warm to make for the projects SOB-athletes,” said Tia Hellebaut, meters of Special Olympics Belgium and one of the attendees.

“I’ve been attached for several years to SOB and continue to find it important to bring it under the attention”, responded Hellebaut. “I am therefore positive that we are in a public location chosen. In the sports hall, would the game still stayed under the radar, while there are now a lot of observing eyes came off. I think it’s a fine beginning of a beautiful campaign.”

Hellebaut made during her career large ornamental as the and meerkampster, but withdrew Wednesday for the occasion, a baskettruitje. “It was very nice to the SOB-athletes on the field. I must admit that I am always re-impressed I was of their level. You notice that she is feeling for the ball and the ring to know.”

Also present was Tomas Van Den Spiegel. The former basketspeler has been for several years the ambassador of Special Olympics Belgium. “I know most of the SOB-athletes much longer and it is always pleasant to get them back to” show, told The Mirror. “Sport is pre-eminently something that’s bound to work, and with this campaign we demonstrate that everyone has the right to exercise. I also know that such a match like today meant a lot for the SOB-athletes, because they are like top athletes to mirror. The level is good and I feel that they in recent years have made progress.”

Special Olympics Belgium wants the social integration of persons with an intellectual disability through sport promote. Metres Tia Hellebaut, peter Red Devil Kevin De Bruyne.

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