Thomas Acda in new season of Full houses

ed1477f4825cfb3e8a19620fa092bd55 - Thomas Acda in new season of Full houses

Thomas Acda is a theatre-maker Arjan Ederveen and actress Romana, Peace to see in the new season of Full houses. Presenter Cornald Maas portrays the three in a new series of the culture programme, as has AVROTROS Wednesday announced.

Maas follows Acda, Ederveen and Peace any for a longer period of time. He follows them at important moments, both private and at work.

The new season of Full houses begins on may 9 on NPO 2. The previous series of portraits of Harry, raincoats, car coats, Youp van ‘t Hek and Simone Kleinsma was by an average of 400,000 viewers watched.

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