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“There is missing the Formula 1 is one essential ingredient”

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It was the end of the new F1 season in Melbourne on one thing, according to Ross Brawn: inhaalpogingen. The Brit tells also immediately that it perhaps can take years for that issue is resolved.

In a look back at the GP of Australia leave the Ross Brawn, the sports director of the Formula 1, you know there has to be thought about the basic things of Formula 1.

“Think about how much wheel to wheel action we have missed,” said Brawn told Reuters. “The pity is that nothing can change until we get the problem in a structural way to be able to address.”

“One of the things that we look at with the FIA and the teams is that we for 2021 cars that are able to fight with each other,” he added to that.

From 2021 will be the Formula 1 a real facelift on both a technical and commercial level, the current agreement will indeed expire at the end of 2020.

Brawn let us know that the FIA and the F1 of different models to study, both in the wind tunnel and with computer simulations.

“We should evolve into a car that the performance of the current cars approaching, but at the same time allowing for the wheel to wheel battles to go,” Brawn continued.

Several riders complained that even with a third DRS zone aartsmoeilijk was to pass. Lewis Hamilton described the rather plastic with the words: “It was like my best friend on the edge of a cliff and I could do nothing to save his life. So difficult is it to overtake.”

Max Verstappen described the race as “completely useless” in the ‘Motorsport’ when he was asked what he as a fan would have done.

“I would get the TV dropped off, it was tremendously boring. You try always to do your best to push something through because I was always within the DRS limits, but there was nothing I could do,” said Verstappen.

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