’The appointment of EU top level seemed to be a coup’

071c2380ae447f54762e969289f810df - ’The appointment of EU top level seemed to be a coup’

BRUSSELS – The controversial appointment of Martin Selmayr to the highest official of the European Commission was something of “a coup” but does not need to be reversed. This is clear from a draft resolution of the European Parliament that research into the ’flitspromotie’ of which commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for his current ex-chief of staff on 1 march arranged.

Martin Selmayr

In the resolution, shall inform the parliament that the procedure followed “the limits of the law may be stretched.” According to EU commissioner Günther Oettinger (human resources) is the appointment of Selmayr secretary-general is fully in accordance with the rules expired, ” he said Tuesday at a hearing in the parliament. According to critics, smacks the issue to favouritism and harms the reputation of the EU.

The German is the successor of the Dutchman, Alexander Italianer, who in February unexpectedly announced on 1 march to retire. Juncker arranged on it in a few minutes the appointment of Selmayr. Friday said Juncker that he Selmayr will not ask.

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