‘That is more important than Jantje van Halst’

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Jan van Halst knows like no other the laws of the sport. “The results are very bad. Then you know that there are all sorts of force field to go play at a football club. That last weekend also arise”, said the director of FC Twente Tuesday during a press conference following the dismissal of Gertjan Verbeek.

Jan van Halst: “Then you have quite a club without leadership.”

Van Halst had the trainer earlier this season in person at The Grolsch Veste achieved. “But Supervisory board and stichting draw than that conclusion. Then you can be very tough on your stripes. But if I leave then there is also the chance, that Erik Velderman says ‘I quit’.”

And so it remains Van Halst tentative, though it seems to be his role after this season played out. “Then you have quite a club without leadership. How difficult it is, sometimes you need to ignore. That is why I am on the board, because stability is important. We are in discussion with the municipality, and there is a very important belastingdossier. That moment is more important than Jantje van Halst.”


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